Supply Chain


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PM provides global suppliers with advanced supply chain planning solutions and with thorough supply chain optimization solutions in all aspect pertaining to procurement, manufacture, and distribution, which enable manufacturers to securely plan inventory levels, improve service awareness and service levels, increase productivity, reduce operative costs, and drive profitable growth.
PM regards its supply chain as being comprised of four main elements: Procurement, storage, manufacture, and distribution.
Each element constitutes an equal and essential segment of the supply chain, which success depends on the successful integration of all four elements.

PM’s SCM system enables our customers to:

  • Organize and execute planning and optimization processes in relation with supply chain activities.

  • Improve the efficiency of marketing activities.
  • Substantially scale down inventory.
  • Improve service levels and considerably reduce costs.
  • Forecast sales through statistical prediction engines.

By ideally planning the supply chain and by utilizing advanced technologies
PM succeeds in meeting the world’s leading OEMs’ needs and requirements.

Each and every modification and improvement applied on supply chain processes is done so
in order to serve one objective solely – the added value for the customer.


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That meet or exceed customer expectations


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Supply chain management


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