Product Design & Engineering

PM’s experience

PM provides an extensive assortment of services.

Consistently throughout the years have PM been developing a wide range of technologies and engineering capabilities of design components in order to support customers’ complex requirements and in order to meet needs that arise due to renewing electronic components technology. These efforts have resulted in the creation of the industry’s leading product design and development capabilities portfolio.

Our customers usually measure success in terms of costs and time required to deliver to markets, these indices can be negatively influenced should products’ design be hard to manufacture. PM, as a partner in designing processes, integrates with customers’ manufacture teams, and assists in reducing said risks.

Our engineering team delivers real value to product development processes by being thoroughly involved in each and every step of the way – starting with formulating the idea and ending with detailed prototyping fit for manufacture and with providing additional support.

PM’s hardware design services include a wide range of electronic board designs based on our exhaustive experience. These designs are used by various sectors, such as communications, suppliers, medicine, flight services, security, etc.

Products have to comply with standards according to their uses and to the surroundings in which they’re used. PM’s specialists conduct strict regulatory inspections regarding all products.

  • Analogic design

  • RF design

  • Power supply design

  • Signal / electricity integrity simulations (prior to and post deployment)

  • Compliance with regulations design

  • Simulations

  • Complementary design services

  • Reengineering

  • Redesign

  • Planning authentication

  • Documentation

    (product specifications, HW / SW interface, and planning authentication tests).


Compliance With customer Quality requirements


That meet or exceed customer expectations


Set the highest Quality standards


Supply chain management


Warranty management

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