NPI – New Product Introduction

PM’s experience

PM realizes the importance and significance of time to its customers as a new product moves from development to manufacturing and to launching.

Since we view ourselves as strategic partners to our customers, we regard with supreme importance the shortening of delivery times, technical supports, and of course, logistic support.

The uncompromising attention to details, swift procurement processes, and lean management methods lead to quick delivery of NPI products which directly result in our customers’ satisfaction.

When we assist customers in launching both simple and complex products, we deliver top notch engineering, technology and production expertise.

At PM we enjoy profound experience in matters pertaining to design, prototyping, product validation, production volume and logistic processes, which provide extensive customer support.

PM’s NPI process includes:

  • Development and prototyping support
  • Printed circuit board development and design
  • Product adjustment to mass production
  • Development of QA systems
  • Printed circuit board manufacturing – PCBA

Whether our customers are nurturing ideas born within the organization, or trying to meet customers’ and market’s demands and requirements, PM’s NPI process will have each and every component sharing one common language.

This mechanizes tasks, reveals bottle-necks, and drives consistent performance and continuous improvement.

Our process provides managements with development “pipelines” visibility and directly and substantially affects our customers’ potential for success.

Strategically speaking, PM’s NPI process provides customers with knowledge that enables ideal resource allocation, which in turn, enables to maximize benefits and enables the introduction of new products to the market in a consistent and structured manner based on time and budget.


Compliance With customer Quality requirements


That meet or exceed customer expectations


Set the highest Quality standards


Supply chain management


Warranty management

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