Manufacturing Services

PM’s experience

PM offers thorough manufacture services starting with the assembly of electronic boards and ending with finished products.

PM utilizes the world’s leading manufacturing technologies and applies a managerial approach that focuses on creating real value to our customers (Lean Management).

PM has extensive experience providing comprehensive solutions to the medical, military, vehicle, telecom, and retail products industries.

We provide consistent support to our customers during various products’ stages, including prototyping, local manufacturing, and mass production in Asia, Eastern Europe, USA, and Central America

Our customers benefit from a homogenous supply chain, from manufacture efficiency, and from lower costs.

PM had embraced the Lean Management concept which is based upon mutual respect and continuous improvement alike.

Lean Management facilitates the identification and negation of misused resources and expenditure within processes, thus leading to higher competitive abilities, shorter response times to market fluctuations, reduced costs, improved service levels, improved quality levels, and increased ultimate value delivered to custome

Our manufacture solutions include:

  • SMT components placement
    (including 01005, BGA, FBGA, and Bare Die)
  • Building reflow profiles

  • Preparation and automatic provision of
    raw materials and components to assembly and welding machines

  • Through Hole and Touch Up components
    placement in electric circuits

  • SPI testing –
    3D printing quality testing

  • Automated quality inspections (AOI)

  • X-Ray testing for BGA and mBGA components

  • Selective wave welding

  • Mechanical assembly
    and electro-mechanical assembly

  • Electric inspections based on ICT, JTAG,
    and Flying Probe technologies

  • Automatic test equipment

  • Box build assembly

  • Ultrasonic welding for plastic based products

  • Functional testing

  • Flash components programming

  • RoHS compliance

  • Manual visual inspections
    and Out of Box processes

  • Packaging and preparing for delivery to customer

PM uses the most advanced equipment available today manufactured by providers who lead the world’s technological front.

By utilizing such innovative equipment we offer advanced technological solutions which enhance performance and which ultimately improve products’ quality.

PM’s services enable original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to improve their efficiency and to maximize benefits derived from their supply chain’s resources.

PM puts this sophisticated equipment at the disposal of its customers in order to successfully meet all and any technological demands or needs.


Compliance With customer Quality requirements


That meet or exceed customer expectations


Set the highest Quality standards


Supply chain management


Warranty management

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