Automotive Industry

Vehicle systems become increasingly subjected to advanced electronic components command and control. Starting with controlling engine performance, safety and stability sensors, and ending with navigation and entertainment systems, the vehicle industry’s need for top notch electronic components is virtually infinite.

PM’s experience

Automotive Industry


PM enjoys vast experience accumulated over many successful years in delivering a wide range of products to OEMs and to vehicles’ complimentary equipment suppliers, while ensuring perfect compliance with product manufacture and safety standards, and while enabling tracking capabilities regarding each and every product and delivery to leave PM’s gates.

Automotive Industry

PM’s main capabilities

Manufacturing accident prevention sensors and systems

Product manufacture planning in compliance with market’s standards and in accordance with customer’s demands, DFT, and DFM

Manufacture processes planning and characterization

Rigid and flexible circuit board printing

Production lines in compliance with RoHS

Integration and inspection arrays staffed by extremely experienced and proficient experts

Electronic assemblies compiling and integration testing

Finished products assembly and packaging

RMA support

Precise tracking capabilities based on batch numbers and distribution documentations for recall purposes


Compliance With customer Quality requirements


That meet or exceed customer expectations


Set the highest Quality standards


Supply chain management


Warranty management

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