Our Vision

PM views manufacturing processes from the customer’s point of view and from an inclusive, end-to-end, perspective
Being an integral part of our customers’ manufacturing and logistics efforts and activities, our unwavering commitment to meet all conditions, requirements, and goals related to offering extremely efficient manufacturing management, is an inseparable part of our customers’ success in delivering the best product possible, of the highest possible quality, and in the speediest manner, offering unrivaled economic worthwhileness to customers.
  • Commitment, involvement, and persistence.
  • Respect to fellow human beings – to listen, to empower, responsibility, to influence, to enable, to share, raising questions.
  • Getting to know types of resistance – to enable, to acknowledge, to encourage, and to deal with.
  • Feedback – with a special emphasis on reliable and timely feedback – immediate reaction, execution of tasks, and task completion control.
  • Connecting employees with objectives and goals – imparting employees with a thorough understanding of results, accomplishments, and to what extent goals have been achieved by creating open conversation around the subject.
  • Creating organizational culture – publicly celebrating successes, managing the transition from technical use of the scoreboard into fostering a culture.
  • Direct connection with interfaces (production planning and control, quality, maintenance, engineering, etc.).
  • Continuous improvement – motivating to action, full PDCA closure, action plan, identification and treatment of root problems and causes.
  • Simplicity – accessible, standard, and visual location.


Compliance With customer Quality requirements


That meet or exceed customer expectations


Set the highest Quality standards


Supply chain management


Warranty management

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